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I Think I'll Wait Until Spring

posted Jan 12, 2011, 5:24 PM by Kristen Wheatley   [ updated Feb 24, 2011, 8:04 AM ]

"I think I'll wait until spring to list my home for sale.  After all, that is really the best time to sell a home."

As a local Realtor®, I hear this statement from homeowners regularly.  If you truly want to sell your home in the summer or fall, then waiting until spring may be the best choice for you.  However, please do not wait because you think it will be easier to sell your home in the spring, or that you will get a better price.  This is a common misconception.

Many people do look at homes in the spring and summer months.  However, all of the people who look at homes are not home buyers.  Spring has a way of raising spirits, instilling hope, and inspiring people to think about their dreams for the future.  For many, this includes buying a home, or perhaps moving to a new town.  Hopes and dreams can often move ahead of realities and many of the folks touring homes are not actually able or ready to make an offer or purchase a home.

You can wait until spring and there will be more potential buyers, but there will also be a much higher number of homes on the market to compete with yours, in large part due to the commonly held belief stated above.  Pricing will need to be even more aggressive in order to make your home the best deal for buyers when it is one in a sea of choices available.

In contrast, the buyers who are looking at homes in the winter are generally in a position where they need to purchase a home.  They are serious and not interested in spending every weekend sightseeing and viewing homes for fun.  Basically, they are ready, willing, and able buyers.  Since many people have taken their homes off the market, waiting for spring, there is less competition for the homes that are currently listed for sale.

Wait for spring if that fits better into your plans, but please don't buy into the myth that spring is the "best" time to sell your home.  People buy and sell homes 12 months out of the year.  Each season brings it's own challenges and opportunities, but there is no one "best" season for home sales.  The best time to sell is when YOU want to sell your home.

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