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Should I Even Think About Selling My Maine Home This Fall or Winter?

posted Oct 31, 2010, 9:03 AM by Kristen Wheatley   [ updated Oct 31, 2010, 9:05 AM ]

Selling your Maine home in the fall.If you are thinking of selling your Maine home this fall or winter  chances are friends and family may have already told you that this is not the time to sell your home.  However, Maine Realtors® know a few secrets about our Fall and Winter real estate market.


First and foremost, people DO buy and sell homes between October and May.

Fall and winter home buyers here in Maine tend to be more serious and determined.  Spring and Summer attract many people who are just tossing around the idea of buying, but haven't yet committed to the idea or made sure they are qualified.  Fall and winter home buyers have committed to purchasing a home and tend to have a goal and time frame in mind.  Many are relocating for a job or other family reasons and NEED to buy a home.

Your home will have less competition in the Fall and Winter.  Like the "just curious" buyers who look around at houses for fun, the Maine summer real estate market is packed with sellers who decided to put their home on the market to "see if it will sell."  The Maine home sellers who do not need to sell their homes or are not as serious about moving tend to take their homes off the market early in the fall.  This clears out the inventory available to buyers and drastically reduces your home's competition.

Lastly, as we all know so well, Maine is absolutely gorgeous in the fall!  People travel from all over the country to Maine just to look at our beautiful fall display of color.  Nothing gets people in that cozy "at home" mood like the crisp fall air, colorful trees, and the smell of fires in the wood stoves.

Maine in the fallIf you want to sell your Maine home this fall, but have been concerned about starting at this time of year, give me a call.  I'd be happy to sit down with you and discuss the best way to prepare your home for a fall sale.



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