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Want Top Dollar For Your Home? 3 Sure Fire Steps

posted Apr 16, 2012, 7:20 AM by Kristen Wheatley

Do you want to get top dollar when you sell your home?

get more money for your homeOf course you do!  Silly question!  I have yet to meet a homeowner who says, "I want you to sell my home, but I really don't care what I get for it, just get rid of it."

We Realtors are hard wired to get our sellers the highest possible price for their home.  Everyone wants it, but too often I meet sellers who get sidetracked on their way to getting their home ready for sale.

When we get ready to sell a home, it is only natural to start thinking of all of the "someday projects" we had planned.  You know the ones, all of those little (and sometimes not so little) renovation plans that we knew would increase the value of our home, but we just never got around to them.

Now is not the time to start on that list.  Let it go.  Save your energy and plans for your next home so that you will be the ones to enjoy the final results.

My father always said, "Don't make it harder."

As someone in the business of helping people move out of homes they don't want and into homes they do want, I have been able to see what works and what does not.  Through observation, experience, and research I can honestly say that there are 3 sure fire steps to take in order to get the most money for the sale of your home.

So forget, your long awaited renovation plans, keep it simple, and put your time and energy into these three areas.

3 Sure Fire Steps To Get More Money For Your Home

pack it upPURGE:  Your time in your home is coming to an end.  After all, you have chosen to move on.  Jump start this process by packing up or getting rid of clutter and extra furniture.  Your home does not need to be a mansion to be a showcase.  Nothing says "this home has no storage space" like overflowing closets, cabinets, and cluttered counter tops.  Even if you have 25 closets in your home, if they are all full, buyers will feel cramped and assume your home does not have enough storage.

Pack away your treasured nick nacks, and that wall of family photos.  Leave no more than 3 items on any surface.  This includes walls, counters, tables, etc.  This tip comes from a professional stager and I have seen the results myself.  Buyers need the space to feel open so they can start to picture themselves living in the home.

Remove any extra furniture that crowds the space or impedes traffic flow.  This makes even the smallest of rooms feel more spacious.

Paint everything!PAINT:  A fresh coat of neutral color paint is the least expensive and most effective way to give a home a face lift.  Your daughter may have loved her purples walls, but for every buyer that likes purple, there are 5 who will look at those walls and just think of the work it will take to cover them.  Don't give them a reason to cross your home off their list or to discount their offer.

CLEAN:  Yes, interestingly, cleaning is the single-most effective step you can take to get your home sold fast and for top dollar.  A sparkling clean home gives the buyers the feeling that the home has been well-maintained (even if it hasn't.)

cleanI'm not talking about a casual Saturday morning cleaning.  I mean clean "like your mother-in-law is coming!"  These little extra touches will make your home stand out in the buyer's mind.  Everyone wants to live in an immaculately clean home.  This is a pipe dream for many as busy lives interfere.  Tap into the psychology of that dream by making your home stand out.

Move the furniture and get all the corners, wash the light switch plates, get the dead bugs out of the light fixtures, the cobwebs in the corners, and make the appliances and windows sparkle!

To sum it up, forget about those big "someday projects."  My father is right.  Don't make it harder.  Focus on the things you can control.  Just keep to these 3 sure fire steps and you will find that you can keep your sanitysell your home faster, and get more money.

To get the most bang for your buck, you will need a Realtor who can maximize your efforts with an effective and far reaching marketing strategy.  Give me a call and I will happily show you the impact of proper and thorough marketing on the sale of your home.